Elegance At-Home Facial Kit


Gift your skin this lockdown lifesaver! Enjoy a 7-step facial right in the comfort of your own home. Each kit comes complete with SEVEN amazing medical-grade products from our amazing medical-grade skincare lines including: ZO Skin Health, AlumierMD, and SkinMedica. Some of the products used are from our professional back bar and are not available for retail!

Since we are unfortunately not able to complete professional facials at this time, we hope that this helps give your skin the extra boost it needs in the meantime!

What kits are available?

Dry skin at-home facial

Aging at-home facial

Complexion clarifying at-home facial

What does each kit include?

Each kit comes with 8 items! They include:

- A facial headband

- Cleanser

- Either a physical or chemical exfoliator

- A facial masque for the targetted concern

- Two concentrated medical-grade serums

- A moisturizer

- An SPF

** Please allow 24 hours for your facial kit to be processed **

**The kit must be used within 48 hours to ensure product freshness**

Each kit will come complete with instructions on how to use these products at home. If you feel that these kits may not cover the skin concern you have, please contact us for a customized at-home facial! Due to high demand your order may take 24-48 hours to process. **You will receive an email that your facial kit is ready for pick up**


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